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Books by Brian Woodford

One of our members, Bryan Woodford has written two richly illustrated books about the history of the villages that form the Parish of Hook-with-Warsash. Together they cover over two hundred years of history from 1790. Both books can be purchased from the Warsash Heritage Centre.

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Research Group publications

The Society has a very active research group, and we publish the results of larger research projects as individual booklets.

Copies of these publications are available for purchase from the Warsash Heritage Centre.

Ships of the River Hamble

Ships of the River Hamble

In “Ships of the River Hamble” Pip Leach presents the maritime history of the River from circa 800 to the present day. The story is told in two parts: first the warships of the Hamble, and second merchant, fishing and recreation vessels.

Lost Chapel of Hook cover

The Lost Chapel of Hook

This little known story spans a century, seven popes, one archbishop, three bishops, and four abbots – all on account of a hamlet whose residents wanted to build their own chapel.
Pip’s booklet sets the scene of life in the 14th and 15th centuries, and the role of the (then) port of Hook..

Hook Park cover

The Story of a Forgotten Country Estate

The area now known as Hook Park was once a prestigious country estate, with a grand country house (destroyed by fire over 100 years ago) as its centrepiece.

Coast Gaurd and Smugglers cover

Coastguards and Smugglers

The Solent and Southampton Water with its rivers and creeks were ideal for smuggling, with an easy run from France, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Wight, all centres for smuggling. This booklet looks at the history of smuggling in the area from the 17th Century, and the attempts of the authorities to counter it.

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