About the Society

We are governed by our Constitution which is available for you to read here.

The Warsash Local History Society was formed in 1998 with the aim to research and promote interest in all aspects of the history of Warsash and the surrounding area.

We warmly invite you to use the wealth of information on this web site as a resource to inform about our corner of Hampshire. We are always looking for more information, so if you would like to contribute your comments, anecdotes or insights please do so using our contact form. We’d love to hear from you.

The Society holds a wide range of material about the area. We’ve digitised many of the documents and photographs and some are accessible though this site.

We have a wealth of items which are not digitised because of practical considerations such as their format, quality or because of copyright. If you wish to examine first hand any of the items we have you may do so at The Warsash Heritage Centre at 24 Shore Road, Warsash, Southampton, SO31 9FU.

We are very grateful to the people and organisations who have donated or made these items available.

We have regular events and meetings which are open to all. Check the programme to see if there is anything that would interest you.

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