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History and Heritage

Warsash Local History Society is an active and friendly voluntary organisation which exists to:

  • Gather information about the history of Warsash and help make it available to all who are interested.
  • Promote the preservation of old buildings, monuments, records, maps and traditions of the area.
  • Foster interest in Warsash history and historical research through this website and through publications, and by arranging lectures, visits and exhibitions.

Our latest Blog posts

The Warsash – Hamble Ferry

The First documented evidence of the Hamble to Warsash Ferry is 1535c although there was a causeway long before this date.In 1905 W Cooper & Co Ltd bought the freehold of The Bugle Pub in Hamble and the ferry. The ferry at this time was a large dinghy which was …
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The Heritage Centre

The Warsash Heritage Centre

The Society has an substantial resource available in the heart of Warsash. The Warsash Heritage Centre is located at 24 Shore Road and is a permanent home for our archive and a research centre for its users. Since formation the Society has built a comprehensive archive of photographs, maps, documents and artefacts. …
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Coastguards and Smugglers

The Solent and Southampton Water with its rivers and creeks were ideal for smuggling, with an easy run from France, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Wight, all centres for smuggling. This booklet looks at the history of smuggling in the area from the 17th Centuary, and the attempts …
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